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A/R Line Of Credit

An A/R Line of Credit is a suitable product to speed up cash-flow so that your business does not need to wait 30-90 days for your clients to pay you. It is half the cost of invoice factoring with a better structure with no invoice notification requirement. With factoring you get one rate up to 30 days past invoice date, but that rate keeps getting increased every 10 or 15 days your customer does not pay their invoice. The A/R line of credit product offers one low interest rate up to 90 days past invoice date. If you currently have an invoice factoring product, you may want to consider switching to an A/R line of credit as a significantly more cost-effective capital tool. Factoring products generally come with hidden fees if you want to void the agreement. Clients general save tens of thousands of dollars by switching from factoring to an A/R Line of Credit.



85-90% of A/R less than 90 days old. Inventory: 50-
65% advance rate at cost (can sometimes borrow against raw goods/goods in transit)


Start at Prime/SOFR


The initial term is 2-3 years, then auto-renews after that
unless you want to cancel.


30-45 days from a signed term sheet


Senior Secured


Depends on the transaction, typically required with Inventory

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